The Challenge

GXS Bank is one of the two banks with a digital full bank license awarded by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, that aims to make banking better for Singapore’s everyday consumers and small businesses. We are on a mission to shake the banking scene up by providing better experiences for everyone, especially the underserved.

One of a bank's basic and most important purposes is to help Singaporeans save. Our challenge was to rethink the saving experience for Singaporeans to save better.

Due to the nature of the work, project visuals will not be shown for the time being. Below is a description of the work I’ve done for GXS, where I participated actively in several projects at the same time during my short stint there. Connect with me to find out more! I’ll share more verbally ;)

The Process/ Behind the Scenes



As a brand experience intern, I sat in between the Design, Product, and Marketing teams, focusing on the iterative process in order to create a consistent, positive, and practical experience for users. This meant that I ideated and explored user pain points out of just the product itself, but also physical and branding experiences. In a team of 4-5, we conducted multiple design workshops to deep dive into our users and explore potential innovations.

After identifying the behaviors behind their saving habits, we proceeded to identify the gaps between present solutions and their behaviors. Lack of purpose? Saving is boring? Short-term happiness? Lack of discipline?


We created MVPs to be passed on to our UX researchers, who conducted user testings to collate responses and feedback with around 10 potential users. Feedback was mostly positive, with several suggestions on improvements to be made.

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